White Tail Deer Faux Taxidermy Wall Mount

White Tail Deer Faux Taxidermy Wall Mount

This faux wall mount is made from a real deer mount, but preserving the natural habitat by reproducing from one mould.  Your art piece is produced after your order is placed.  There is a 1-5 week handling time to construct the art.

Approximate dimensions are: 3 feet tall x 32 inches wide x 30 inches deep.  All measurements are from the mounted position.  

Approximate weight is 6 pounds.


About The Artist 

Michael Rodd lives in Denton, Texas – where he was born, raised and graduated from The University of North Texas. Michael Rodd has spent the past five years perfecting the process of his distinct, handmade, and carefully crafted replicas.

His story is one of overcoming tremendous odds, relentless dedication, profound perseverance and lifechanging vulnerability.

In 2010, Michael Rodd began a remarkable and inspiring story of chasing his dream of producing world-classic faux taxidermy art. Like many artisans Michael Rodd was considered a society misfit, or a "dysfit," as he refers to the life-long challenge these days: a dysfunctional misfit. He learned during the process to focus on his differences rather than his similarities from everyone else. It was his differences that changed his life and set him on an amazing and incredibly difficult journey of learning who he was, while steadily building his faux taxidermy art.

"It's tough as hell when you always feel like an outcast. I couldn't' understand why I was such a dysfit until I began digging deep into my desire for art. Once I realized my true differences it changed everything. I eventually stopped trying to be everyone else and I began the extremely vulnerable process of becoming who I really am. I'm a visionary and artisan, plain and simple," says Michael Rodd.

Over the next five years, Michael Rodd met with dozens of engineers and other artists trying desperately to bring his vision into reality, and more importantly, become the artist he had been missing his entire life. It wasn't easy, in fact it was an incredible challenge, but he decided early on he would never surrender.

In 2015, Michael Rodd entered the Dallas Market Center Home and Garden Show and won Best of Booth!

Today, Michael Rodd embraces being a dysfit, and embraces his lifelong differences with everyone else. "Being vulnerable to my differences changed my life." - Michael Rodd


White Tail Deer Faux Taxidermy Wall Mount

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